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PC Cheats are listed alphabetically.


Blood Original Version (Press T then type)
mcgee Set yourself on fire!
onering Invisibility.
nocapinmyass Invulnerability.
capinmyass Turn invulnerability off.
eva galli Clipping (walk through walls) mode.
idaho All weapons and ammo.
bunz Full weopons, full ammo, and dual weapons.
lara croft All Weopons and unlimited ammo.
keymaster All keys.
satchel All items.
griswold Full armor.
spork Gives you 200 health, also brings you back to life, if you die, with 200 health.
mario Level Warp.
kevorkian Kill yourself.
funky shoes Super jump.
mpkfa Invulnerability.
tequila Dual weapons.
krueger 200% health and sets yourself on fire.
voorhees Temporary invulnerability.


Blood 2 Original Version (Press T then type)
MPGOD Godmode.
MPKFA Full Ammo, Armor, and Health.
MPHEALTH Full Health.
MPAMMO Full Ammo.
MPARMOR Full Armor.
MPCLIP Clipping Mode on/off.
MPPOS Show Position on/off.
MPCAMERA Adjust Camera on/off.
MPLIGHTSCAPE Adjust Lightscape on/off.
MPBEEFCAKE Increased power, basically more gore.
MPKILLEMALL Kills all the monsters on the level.
MPSPEEDUP Increases your speed (1-5).
MPSTRONGER Increases your strength (1-5).
MPBERETTA Gives you the Beretta, type twice for dual guns.
MPSUBMACHINEGUN Gives you the Submachinegun.
MPFLAREGUN Gives you the flare gun.
MPSHOTGUN Gives you the shotgun.
MPSNIPERRIFLE Gives you the sniper rifle.
MPHOWITZER Gives you the howitzer.
MPNAPALMCANNON Gives you the napalm cannon.
MPSINGULARITY Gives you the singularity generator.
MPASSAULTRIFLE Gives you the assault rifle.
MPBUGBUSTER Gives you the bug buster.
MPMINIGUN Gives you the minigun.
MPLASERRIFLE Gives you the Cobalco laser rifle.
MPTESLACANNON Gives you the tesla cannon.
MPVOODOO Gives you the voodoo doll.
MPTHEORB Gives you the orb.
MPLIFELEECH Gives you the life leech.
MPTAKEOFFSHOES Makes you invisible.
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