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PC Cheats are listed alphabetically.


A-Train Original Version
CTRL-SHIFT-PETERCHEATERCHEATERWIMP One million dollars and full supplies!


Afterlife Original Version
Type SAMNMAX See Sam & Max on the map.
Type $@! 10,000,000 pennies, may only be used 3 times per game.


Age of Empires Original Version
pepperoni pizza 1000 food
coinage 1000 gold
woodstock 1000 wood
quarry 1000 stone
bigdaddy A rocket launching sports car.
e=mc2 trooper Nuclear Missle launching trooper.
photon man Laser gun trooper.
reveal map Reveals the map but leaves the fog.
no fog Removes the fog.
icbm Enhances balistas and helopies.
jack be nimble Catupults throw villagers and cows.
diedie All opponets die.
giai Allows you to control animals not people.
hoyohoyo Enhances priests.
king arthur Turns birds into dragons.
home run Win the scenario.
steroids All units, and building upgrades. Also applies for the computer.


Ants Origional Version
CTRL + L Shows ant hit points.
CTRL + A Select all ants.
CTRL + N Select single ant.
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