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Javanoid supports both mouse and keyboard control. If keys don't work, click on the game to give it the focus. Javanoid is a twelve levels breakout game.

Left and Right
move the paddle
Space or Ctrl launch the ball or shoot
N new game
P pause/resume the game
S toggle sound on/off
U change ball direction
1 to 9 change game speed
(slowest fo fastest, default is 5)
Grey Block must be hit three times
Gold Block indestructable
Multiballs three balls
Fire Pill shooting paddle
Gravity Pill sticky paddle
Large Pill larger paddle
Small Pill smaller paddle
? Pill extra ball life or
add a score bonus or
make balls go through all bricks

Technical notes : This version of Javanoid will only work with JDK1.1 compatible browsers. At moment, they are Sun Hotjava 1.0, Microsoft Intenet Explorer 4.0 & Netscape Navigator 4.04 with java patch. Otherwise, you'll have to use the JDK1.0 compatible version of Javanoid. Version information, bug issues and legal notes are described in the file readme.txt. Javanoid V1.54, JDK1.1 compatible, by Rémi Faitout. For further information, please have a look at La Cafetière or send me an e-mail at

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